Capital Gains Tax

Should you improve your investment property by renovations, additions or perhaps knocking down and rebuilding the entire house, you are increasing its total value, and inturn increasing your Capital Gains on sale. Your capital gains tax can be minimised by choosing your renovations and improvement times carefully.  Your accountant, solicitor or financial advisor can help you chose these times.  Additionally, we can provide the appropriate capital gains tax valuation for you, whatever the situation either current or retrospective.

Bail Applications

In cases where one may need their property to be used as security for the release of an individual on bail, a valuation can be undertaken to confirm same.

Easement Valuations

Drainage, electrical, transmission, sewerage, right of way and various other types may be valued for either party.

Land Acquisition or Resumption

It’s not unusual for government entities and private enterprise to acquire land to be used for development. In New South Wales, local and state governments have the authority to compulsorily acquire land for a range of public purposes at any time.

SMSF Property Valuation

The trusted team at McLennan, Steege, Smith and Associates has launched a new division to cater for the growing Australian trend of property purchases through self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF). SMSF Property Valuations launched as a division of McLennan, Steege, Smith

Industrial Property Valuers

An industrial valuation allows property investors and owners to have the information they need to make informed decisions and to meet reporting requirements. McSSA are experts in the provision of valuations for Torrens Title and Strata Title industrial property. Valuations

Commercial & Office Property Valuers

McSSA are highly experienced commercial and office property valuers, so you can rely on their independent valuations to meet all requirements. Valuations We provide direct comparison and summation assessments that involve comparing the subject property with similar properties that have

Retail Property Valuers

Retail property investment options may include strip shopping centres, neighbourhood shopping centres, larger centres, and homemaker or bulky good centres. Smart retail property Investing strategies involves obtaining a professional property valuation. Valuations We provide direct comparison and summation assessments that

Childcare Centre Valuers

The Childcare property sector continues to attract a level of interest from investors. McSSA are experienced in the provision of childcare centre valuations. Valuations Valuation of a childcare centre differs from a standard property valuation in the following ways: It

Pre-Sale or Pre-Purchase Valuations

We can provide either a short or long form valuation depending upon your requirements prior to the purchase or the sale of a property with an independent assessment of the subject property along with clear market evidence to support our findings.

Mortgage Security Purposes

Our firms origins are mortgage valuation work. We have been acting on behalf of financial lending institutions and carry out mortgage security valuations for over 30 years.

Family & Partnership Settlement

We are listed in the Family Law Court of Australia as a preferred valuation firm (especially as a single expert witness). Most valuers in our firm have Court room experience.

Rental Determinations

Our firm is regularly appointed by the Australian Property Institute to carry out rental determinations when requested by the NSW Court system. We have extensive experience in this type of specialised valuation field especially with commercial and industrial properties.

Insurance, Strata and Private

Our firm regularly carries out insurance valuations on both strata (owners corporation), building and privately owned buildings and improvements. We are regularly updated with building costing guides and any variations of costings within the building industry.

Stamp Duty Valuations

We can provide a short form valuation to satisfy the Department of State Revenue’s requirements (taxation department). This minimises costs to you and can be returned to you (the client) within a 48 hour period subject to access, availability and the property being a standard house or home unit.


Deceased Estates and probate property settlements can often be cause of disputes between beneficiaries. The process of dealing with an “deceased estate” can be lengthy and encumbersome. It may be moths or even years later that the beneficiaries may learn the true value of a property. The probate valuation can be either current or retrospective (ie date of death). The valuation ensures fair market value at a specific date.

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