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McSS provides independent property valuation and expert advice to residents of the Eastern suburbs. We service Randwick, Woollahra, Maroubra, Coogee and the surrounding area. Our fast and qualified valuers offer a full range of services to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a property.

Stamp duty and capital gains tax

Capital gains tax (CGT) and stamp duty are significant issues for many Aussie homeowners. McSS works with individual customers and businesses across the country to help them meet State and Federal taxation requirements. An accurate valuation from McSS can help you save on CGT and related tax liabilities.

Family law and partnership settlement

Family law can be a sensitive area, especially when it involves divorce or separation. We provide trusted and unbiased property valuation during this tough time, with short-form and comprehensive reports produced for the Family Law Court of Australia in accordance with expert witness rules and legal guidelines.

Pre-sale or pre-purchase valuations

Property buyers and sellers both need to determine the correct market value of a property before sale. The expert valuation team at McSS can provide an accurate assessment based on market evidence, technical data, and decades of experience.

Rental determinations

A rental determination is sometimes required when a lease ends, or a dispute occurs between parties. Our qualified and highly experienced team of property valuers provides full and detailed inspections and expert rental advice for all types of property.

Easement valuations

An easement exists when someone other than the property owners has the right to use a section of land. An easement valuation can determine the financial effect of an easement, which can be positive or negative depending on the circumstances. Our qualified valuers can provide trusted and independent advice related to utility easements, private easements, and easements by necessity.

Retrospective property valuations

A retrospective or historical property valuation may be needed for capital gains tax purposes, with some family law and estate cases also needing backdated valuations. The trusted team at McSS provides expert advice and accurate retrospective figures that help people to minimise their tax liabilities.

Property valuations

From industrial and commercial properties through to retail properties and offices, we have the experience and expertise to create accurate and fast property valuations. The honest and personal approach used by McSS is independent and based on cold hard facts, which takes all of the emotion and confusion out of the property purchase decision.

SMSF property valuation

SMSF Property Valuations is a division of McLennan, Steege, and Smith. Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF) have become a popular way to purchase property in Australia, with a current property assessment recommended every three years by the ATO to establish correct market value.

Mortgage security purposes

The professional team at McSS has over 30 years experience involved with mortgage security valuations. A number of leading financial institutions have trusted McSS over this time, including Westpac, St George, Rams, Bank of Melbourne, and Bank of SA.

Insurance, strata and private

Residential strata insurance covers common property that is under a strata title or body corporate entity. We offer peace of mind to our customers by providing them with accurate, independent and practical property assessment that avoids the trap of under-insuring.


A probate valuation from McSS can ensure that a property is sold or exchanged in a fair manner when the owner has deceased. Probate property settlements and deceased estates need to be handled with care and sensitivity, with our accurate valuations and reports helping beneficiaries, lawyers, and accountants to reach fair and timely settlements.

Bail applications

Property is sometimes used in a bail application, where accurate valuations and appropriate documentation are needed throughout the process. McSS provides trustworthy advice and accurate reports that demonstrate whether the property involved has relevant equity after accounting for mortgages and other debts.

Land acquisition of resumption

Private companies and government entities sometimes acquire land for development. Compulsory property acquisition requires an independent valuation to ensure fair settlement and compensation. We offer professional advice and fast negotiations based on accurate and independent property valuations.


“Our law firm has used McSS for many years for our clients’ property valuation needs. These needs have been many and varied including: disputes and litigation, internal sales, business and family group exits and other transactions, family law, estates, stamp duty assessment. McSS has the requisite expertise to handle both residential, industrial and commercial properties. It is helpful having a one stop shop for all of our needs. Their valuers make themselves available to discuss their reports and opinions and to assist with advice. As a firm we have been so satisfied with McSSA’s service, pricing and professionalism that over time they have become our exclusive point of contact and referral for valuations.”

Dean Groundwater

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McSS has been helping people to improve property outcomes since 1999. Trusted equally by private homeowners and financial institutions like Westpac and St George, we take great pride in accurate property valuations that you can trust. Please call us today for an expert valuation.