Family Law & Partnership Settlement

During a divorce, separation or civil union dissolution, a valuer is often called upon as an impartial unbiased expert to provide an accurate analysis of what a property would sell for.

As a preferred valuation firm for the Federal Circuit and Family Law Court of Australia, McSS is experienced in providing an impartial, unbiased analysis of any property assets.

During a legal case involving property division, our valuers are able to represent one party, work with legal representatives or act as a ‘single expert witness’. We provide a comprehensive written report that will ensure the fairest outcome and help to solve disputes.

We are able to provide short-form reports for conciliation purposes on behalf of both parties, or more comprehensive long-form reports on behalf of the family or federal circuit court.

All of our reports are presented and compiled in accordance with the expert witness rules and legal guidelines.

Discreet and professional service

Our valuers have ‘witness box’ experience and are familiar with the detailed cross examination procedures. As specialists, we are able to present our findings in a calm and fair manner.

We understand the sensitive nature of the family law courts and are also fully knowledgeable about the relevant laws and regulations involved.

In addition, McSS’s valuers abide by the Australian Property Institute’s (API) Code of Ethics, Valuation and Property Standards and Rules of Conduct.

We treat all parties involved in property settlements with empathy and understanding, and ensure that we communicate with all relevant parties at every stage to ensure the process is as straightforward as possible.

We will show sensitivity while inspecting property but also maintain our professional independence to ensure the quality and accuracy of the valuation report.

Accuracy plus understanding in all we do

In all matters relating to family and partnership settlement, McLennan Steege Smith can provide an accurate and professional valuation that complies with the regulations regarding legal proceedings. Contact us now and we can discuss your needs and outline the process and steps involved.