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McSS provides independent, accurate and practical property valuation services to Sydney residents. Servicing Canada Bay, Burwood, Marrickville, Ashfield, Leichhardt, and the surrounding Inner West area, you can be assured of the right valuation every time.

Stamp duty and capital gains tax

Capital gains tax (CGT) comes into play when any kind of capital gain has been made on an investment property. McSS helps our clients to meet all State and Federal requirements for CGT and stamp duty, with an accurate and quick assessment helping you to identify the capital increase or decrease of your property.

Family law and partnership settlement

McSS specialise in family law and settlement cases, with our qualified team providing impartial and unbiased analysis of any property asset. As preferred valuers for the Family Law Court of Australia, we understand the sensitive nature of family law and partnership settlements and do everything we can to ensure the fairest outcome for our clients.

Pre-sale or pre-purchase valuations

McSS provides property valuations prior to sale, which may be needed for property settlements, dispute resolutions, refinancing and numerous other reasons. Our independent and accurate valuations determine the value of a property based on market evidence and 25 years of experience in the Sydney property industry.

Rental determinations

A rental determination is often needed when a lease reverts to market or a dispute exists between the landlord and tenant. Our qualified and experienced valuers provide expert rental advice on all types of property, including commercial property, industrial property, retail shops, medical centres, childcare centres and more.

Easement valuations

An easement provides someone with the right to use a section of land when they are not the property owner. Easement valuations provided by McSS can include utility easements, private easements, or easement by necessity. The existence of an easement can have a complex effect on property values, with qualified and independent advice needed prior to any property purchase.

Retrospective property valuations

A retrospective property valuation is often required for capital gains tax, family law, or estate purposes. Also known as a backdated or historical valuation, retrospective valuations are especially important for people who want to minimise their capital gains tax liabilities.

Property valuations

McSS provides property valuation services for all types of Sydney properties. From industrial and commercial properties through to retail shops and childcare centres, our qualified team has the experience needed to help property investors and owners gather information and make informed decisions.

SMSF property valuation

Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF) can be used to make property purchases in Australia. McSS launched its SMSF Property Valuation division to help people make informed decisions about self-managed Super Funds, and assist them in meeting ATO compliance standards.

Mortgage security purposes

The team behind McSS has been involved with mortgage security valuations for over 30 years. During this time, we have been trusted by Westpac, St George, Rams, Bank of Melbourne, and Bank of SA to carry out a wide range of mortgage valuation work.

Insurance, strata and private

Residential strata insurance is designed to cover common property under a strata title or body corporate entity. McSS help people to avoid under-insurance and ensure that they meet the requirements of The Strata Schemes Management Act 1996.


Probate property settlements and deceased estates can cause problems between beneficiaries. McSS provides independent property valuation and expert advice to ensure that all estate property is sold or exchanged in a quick and fair manner.

Bail applications

A bail application may use property as a form of security, in which case an accurate valuation is required. McSS has extensive experience working with clients and legal teams to ensure the quick provision of valuation documentation and reports within a 24-hour period.

Land acquisition of resumption

Compulsory land acquisition is sometimes carried out by government entities and private enterprises. McSS provides professional advice and accurate valuations for all types of property, with expert mediation in court also provided to ensure fair settlement and appropriate compensation amounts.


“I am always pleased with the Valuation service we receive from McSS.

I have known Robert Randall for a number of years and have always found him very helpful and generous with his time. The valuations from McSS have always been submitted on time and prepared in a professional manner.”

Bob Haynes
Property Asset Manager
St Vincent De Paul Society

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McSS provides independent property valuations you can count on. We’ve been operating in Sydney since 1999, in which time we’ve been trusted by countless homeowners, investors, and financial institutions. If you need a fast valuation by a qualified and respected team, please give us a call today.