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Property valuers in Shellharbour

You can rely on McLennan Steege Smith to provide a quick, accurate and hassle-free property valuation. Do you wish to have your home valued? Our property valuers service has been the go-to for clients for almost two decades, as we offer the most reliable and accurate valuation guidelines in the industry.

With 18 years in the industry, MCSS has the expertise to provide you with a fair and comprehensive valuation of your property.

Our team has considerable experience in the valuation of different property types, including undeveloped land, finished homes, commercial structures and industrial facilities. With a staff of Senior Property Valuers who are among the best in the industry, we can assist with any property for any reason.

We take great satisfaction in our ability to promptly and accurately deliver high-quality reports for any client. Our Senior Valuers are appropriately certified, licensed and accredited by the Australian Property Institute (API), and this has allowed us to build a solid reputation for providing superior service.

Types of Valuations We Cover

Capital Gains Tax

MCSS has a wealth of experience evaluating property valuations for Capital Gains Tax. For optimal tax savings, a detailed appraisal is required. At MCSS, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of every property valuation to ensure that our clients are in the most advantageous positions possible.

Our company’s valuation reports adhere to Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requirements, which stipulate that appraisals must “objectively demonstrate the value process in accordance with valuation industry standards.”

Insurance Valuation

An insurance valuation is a secondary service that a surveyor may provide when they check out your home. The goal is to determine whether or not the cost to replace your home in the event of disasters like fires, vandalism, or bulldozers would be greater than the current market building price.

Financial Reporting Property Valuations

MCSS can perform impartial Fair Value evaluations for various property types, including office, industrial, medical, residential and speciality assets. We work with businesses of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to publicly traded conglomerates, whose suburban commercial real estate assets range in value from over one hundred million dollars to less than five million dollars.

Mortgage Valuations

MCSS has collaborated with a number of financial institutions to provide mortgage valuations. Our mortgage assessment service is founded on a great awareness of risk, with exhaustive research conducted to identify and quantify all possible risks and arrive at a fair market value estimate.

We collaborate closely with credit management and property risk teams. Our company is frequently given explicit instructions to value portfolios that comprise risky assets or have a high concentration risk in a particular property type or geographic region.

Commercial Property Valuations

McLennan Steege Smith can provide commercial property values for a variety of needs. Institutional and private clients, as well as several Australian courts and tribunals, rely on expertly generated retail property values.

MCSS excels in quantitative data analysis, and complementary statistical models can be employed to augment typical pricing strategies. We are proud to provide stakeholders with value studies that have been meticulously investigated and assessed using forensic techniques.

Why Choose Us?

MCSS has extensive experience generating valuation reports for clients owning many different property types. We maintain close contact with private clients and large, medium and small legal firms, as well as a number of government agencies. Our service area encompasses Shellharbour, Albion Park, Barrack Heights, Flinders, Oak Flats, Shell Cove and Warilla and the surrounding suburbs.

Providing you with personalised services and timely reports that satisfy your requirements is our top priority. We thoroughly examine the market conditions relevant to each appraisal, drawing on various tools.

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