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McSS is a team of valuation experts that have been in business for over 18 years and who place a premium on integrity, experience, operational excellence and building relationships.

The company’s future success hinges on maintaining the highest service standards, integrity and precision in all of its endeavours. With this goal in mind, we can maintain fruitful client relationships and earn the kind of respect that leads to repeat business and referrals.

McLennan Steege Smith is a specialised property valuation agency that helps its clients in Wollongong, Helensburgh, Illawarra, Yallah, Haywards Bay, Windang, and the surrounding suburbs pay less in property taxes.

We pride ourselves on being an extension of your tax department, and as such, we are the go-to legal counsel for anything having to do with real estate taxation. Our services are on par with the Big Four, but we prioritise open lines of communication and personalised attention to each client.

Why Property Valuation Is Necessary

McSS provides a variety of services helpful for those in the real estate business or looking to buy or lease commercial properties. The following are some of the most prevalent situations in which you may find a property appraisal necessary:

  • Submission of a mortgage application: On occasion, banks will require a property appraisal for a mortgage or refinancing loan.
  • Pre-sale advice: If you have been contemplating selling your property, do it now to get a price that is more in line with current market norms.
  • Purchasing tips: Before placing an offer on a home, it’s crucial to conduct your research to ensure you’re getting a fair price and fully understand what you’re getting yourself into.
  • Capital gains purposes: Capital Gains Tax (CGT)¬†applies to the proceeds from the sale of an investment property. You must obtain a valuation and provide the findings as proof to the state Tax Office for them to determine whether you owe taxes on your investments’ appreciation (CGT).
  • Legal proceedings: An unbiased evaluation of property can be useful in resolving or litigating legal disputes, like divorce, the division of a business and splitting joint interests.
  • Insurance: Property valuation is frequently used in the insurance industry to establish coverage limits or to determine an appropriate payout following a loss.

Through impartial appraisals, MCSS has won the trust of large and small corporations. Our customers come to us because they value accurate market data and prefer not to settle for just any licensed appraiser to meet a loan requirement. When you require assistance, we will provide it with the diligence and professionalism it merits.

Who We Are

McSS is comprised of a team of highly qualified experts, including Chartered Valuers/Appraisers, Survey Engineers, Legal Advisers, Auditors, Loss Adjusters, Identifiers and Chartered Engineers. Our multidisciplinary and cross-functional team of specialists delivers services consistent with the customer’s needs and expectations. The service team is self-assured, systematic, disciplined and hardworking.

The extensive network of reciprocal relationships with recognised worldwide valuation and survey companies has allowed McSS to provide quality Property Valuation, Inspection and Survey services in Wollongong.

Why Choose McSS

We are a professional real estate assessment firm that delivers timely, dependable services and analyses current market data to estimate a fair price for your home or commercial property. Our strategy is straightforward and incredibly effective.

We provide:

  • Expert and easy property appraisal services
  • Accurate and reliable valuation reports for all major property types

We strive to provide “always-on” customer support and take pleasure in being the industry leader in customer service and precision. When working with McSS, you will have access to the highest-quality assessment management services in the market.

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